Thursday, November 27, 2008

OH, that's right...

Today is Thanksgiving.

I give thanks for people who go the speed limit in the carpool lane.

Oh, and all of you.

Carpool Lane

On of the benefits of riding with your spouse to work is the Carpool Lane. I can pay bills while he gets the joy of passing all the other people standing in traffic. It's a win/win.

As you might suspect, I have a bitch about this lane.

The carpool lane is NOT a make your own speed lane. You cannot go 90 in it and ride our asses when it is clear the other lanes are blocked solid and we can't move over just to let you by. The highways now have speed cameras every few miles and speed vans in between, dipshit, have you not noticed?

It also is not the slow lane when you have two people with you and the other lanes are blocked. You aren't allowed to go 45 fucking miles per hour in it. That kinda beats the point when you are in the carpool lane, doesn't it? Going as slow, if not slower, than the rest of the highway?

Also, a good point, if you have the name of your business on the side of your pickup it is not a good idea to slow down even more, to 20 miles UNDER the speed limit on purpose to be an asshole, then flip us off when we drive by **** Construction and Remodeling at 602 ###-####. It is a very tight market right now and some of our best friends are realtors. Baaaaad move.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mental note of things not to do at the office.

OOOOoooohhhh that smell...

Do Not, under any circumstances, open a can of tuna in the women's bathroom.

although the jokes that followed were numerous and funny.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Last Month... condensed version.

The jobs have commenced. Wedding number one is over. Wedding number two is Sunday. Go Obama! Yay, gas prices. My bed is my long lost best friend.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Phillies are the new Yankees

I am not a sports fan. I am an athletic fan, meaning that I respect and appreciate their dedication and the training it takes to be the best. I like going to various sports games and enjoy watching everything, including the fans. HOWEVER...

I now have a hatred for the Phillies fans. I have a familial relation that was at the World Series in Philly. They are familially related to the Rays team and were there to enjoy the game and to see their father play in his first World Series and everyone was very excited.

Last I heard baseball was an All American sport and from what I understand there are usually TWO teams that play against each other in every sport in every game. Each team usually has fans that root for their team and sometimes there is heckling that goes on. Usually, that is a good natured thing and adds fun to the festivities. Again, I believe there is always two teams, right?

What kind of assholes spit on a 6 year old girl for wearing Rays gear? What kind of 'men' (and I am using that term very, very lightly here) throw cups at little old GREAT Grandmothers who are there to watch their son reach the pinnacle of his career? What kind of beer bellied neanderthals threaten a 20 year old kid who is all alone, pops out to smoke a cigarette before bringing everyone back a drink, and calls him a faggot and tries to intimidate the shit out of him. What kind of assholes does such thing? Phillies fans.

This family, WHO ARE FROM PENNSYLVANIA, had to have an armed escort to and from their seats every day after the first game.

The Phillies can go fuck themselves. What happened to America?

And as a side note, I don't think either team played their best and the Pissers deserved their win, but I will forever remember this game and that city for spitting on such an adorable child. What is she going to think about baseball after that?

Go fuck yourselves again. Bastards.