Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hey Everybodddeeeeyyyyyy

Just like Grover...

I am playing hooky from Algebra II. Why Algebra has Roman Numerals is beyond me, but since it is the Satan that haunts my nightmares, I figured... why not go all out and just skip class?

I know that katrocket has a smoke to pass me in the girls room, and Veggie has the scoop on birth control. I am also counting in Beckeye to fill me in on the latest gossip.

I am wondering how long before a blogosphere reunion? Just like high school, I miss you people! Damn this real world stuff that is taking control of my life.

It is midnight on a weekday and I am staying up late. It is cuz I had too much caffeine shouldn't matter that I am up past 10pm, cut me some slack. I turned old.

I am going to surf around in the blogosphere and see who I can find out there...

Hello everyone!