Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Giant Gaping Hole

Ummm, where did pistols go? and how do I get invited to the party?

Did the TSA take over bloggerdom? Suddenly I need passwords and to give blood to view blogs and leave comments....

The terrorists have won.

Time. I love Time...

I love having time to do things. Like talk to people out there in the Cosmos. Not aliens... you blogger people. Except kat. I think that woman is from Venus. In a good kinda way.

I am trying to get into a rhythm with this new job/new house/starting college thing, but since I am sitting here with a mound of clothes to fold about as tall as this chair sitting behind me.

Enough about me... I am off to read as many blogs as I can in the little time I have.

I look forward to seeing you...